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Do you and your kids love burgers? Do you love burger king? Then why not to dress yourself and your kids in a burger costume this Halloween? If you are looking for a seriously funny costume this season, burger costumes are the ones to go for. A burger Halloween costume is a great choice and you cannot go wrong with it.  It is fun, it is colourful, it is sure to get you noticed. How can anyone possibly go unnoticed wearing a burger?

There are quite many cute selections of burger Halloween costumes to choose from. They are quite easy to wear and fun for any costume party. This costume is going to make you stand out from the crowd and is going to make everyone mouth’s water as well! There can be no better choice than a burger costume, if you want something that is not just comfortable but colourful and funny too.

Welcome to BurgerCostume.Com, the best spot on the web to find the best looking, mouth-watering burger costume options.  Dressing like a burger is a wonderful way to pay homage to your favorite food, the burger!  The burger costume is appealing for Halloween, trick-or-treat, or other parties and events, or for the restaurant that just opened and is looking for a fun way to draw folks in off the street. No matter what your purpose is for looking for a burger costume, we have you covered.

When wearing the burger costume, be warned that Americans really love burgers, so if you see someone coming at you with a hungry look on his face…run!  In all seriousness, Americans gobble up billions of hamburgers each year, which makes it only fitting that many Americans dress up in a burger costume!

Most burger costume options feature a costume that is shaped like a three-dimensional hamburger and that you slide on over your head and stick your legs through.  A burger costume typically has a bun (sometimes with “sesame seed” details), a patty (or even two), a slice of cheese (typically made from foam), and other condiments, like pickles, lettuce leaves, ketchup and so on.  This can be a hilarious costume. You can find both adult burger costume and kid’s burger costume options online, and most of them are one-size fits all because the nature of the costume is roomy and full.

To accessorize your burger costume, choose leg warmers or leggings in black or a color that coordinates with elements of the costume.  You might find a topper for your costume that is super fitting for the costume’s theme – like a pickle hat or a some other related hat that will go with your burger costume.

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Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorizing your Burger Costume can be quite fun. Depending on the costume itself, you can use a range of different accessories to make the costume come across as more authentic. For example, if you are dressing to the Burger King “king” then you might go for a royal sceptor and crown, a curly brown wig, and more. If you want to be a Zombie Burger guy, your accessories might include props like a bloody spatula or some other kitchen utensil that is adorned with fake blood. If you are wearing an actual burger costume, then you will need black or white stocking and shoes to match to keep your feet and legs from becoming a part of the costume. Wearing these solid colors can make your legs disappear into the backdrop.

Measuring for Your Costume

Don’t sizzle and burn in your burger costume! You’ll feel more edible, and look more delicious, too, if you get the right fit for your burger costume. Some of the burger costumes on the market are sized for ‘one size fits most’ but not all are. Some come in small, medium, large and even bigger, and you must refer to the size chart for the costume prior to ordering. You may need your waist, hips, and chest measurements to get the proper fit. Depending on the style of the burger costume, you may also need your inseam. This is the seam that runs down the inner thigh to the hem. Compare your measurements to the size costume you are buying to see if the fit is right.

Is your idea of a quick meal always a burger? Then why not be one for Halloween this year? This is a costume that cuts across ages and you will be able to find one that will fit you perfectly. It is of course a body suit but the range of fillings will ensure that you have a couple of people drool in hunger when they see you. Choose to have your Burger Costume with meat, pickles, relish and even dribbles of ketchup. Look into the finer details and think of adding sesame seeds to the foam finish of the bun. Make the costume fun by adding a food based hat and leggings in shocking red.

Burger Halloween Costume for Children

Burger costumes for children can be bought from size 7 to 10. Selected soft materials are used to make burger costumes for children. You kids are surely going to fall in love with these cute costumes and would just love to dress up as a burger.

They are designed and stitched keeping comfort of your child in mind. Your child would be all ready to attend the party and steal the show in two easy steps:

  1. Slide the costume over your child’s head.
  2. Fasten the straps from front to the back.

Burger Halloween Costumes for Adults

You typically get a bun cheese, tomato and lettuce when you buy a burger Halloween costume for adults. With the burger costume on, you would look tempting enough to eat. So watch out for burger lovers!

In a nutshell, burger costume is a really fun costume and is sure to go down great at any given party!

Burger Halloween Costume

Are you considering wearing something more eccentric this Halloween? Want to get rid of all those superhero, skeleton, ghost or other scary and regular Halloween costumes and want to make people laugh than scare? Then, what can be a better idea than to go for a food-inspired costume. Who doesn’t love food and who wouldn’t then love your costume?

If you are a foodie yourself then there can be no better idea than to dress yourself up in a burger Halloween costume this season. Food costumes are anyway finger lickin good and burger Halloween costumes are no exception.

You will look like a walking billboard for burgers dressed in a burger costume. Who knows Burger King or Mac Donald’s would pay you some handsome amount of money for endorsing their brand on your burger costume? Jokes apart, burger costumes don’t just look splendid with all the cheese, lettuce and tomatoes they come with, they are also very easy and comfortable to wear. One variety of burger costume is designed as a foam sheath and you need to simply pull on the costume over your regular clothes. Of course, both the back and front are cleverly designed to look just like a potato patty sandwiched between two buns and loaded with all those delicious looking toppings

The costumes are not only available for adults, but also for kids and even toddlers. They are usually available from size 7-10. The burger costume for children typically comes with padded bun front and has lettuce, cheese and tomatoes sewn in. It hangs like a sandwich board and includes front panel ties to back.

If you are looking for costumes for couples, then teaming a fries costume with the burger one would look fabulous. If you’re rolling solo, you can always be the creepy Burger King guy with this mask.

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